Sunday, June 13, 2010

use of the word 'literally'

I get a little frustrated when people use the word "literally" unnecessarily.

"I literally walked into the door." (I know. I did actually join the dots since I asked you how you got that mark on your head).

"He literally looked like he was going to be sick." (Really? Because I nearly thought you meant he was going to vomit metaphorically).

And my absolute favourite, from a Triple J movie review about seven years ago:
"Bruce Willis literally jumped out of the screen." (The heck he did. If that were the case I would have A. paid more than the $11 cinema ticket price of the days of yore and B. been really annoyed about the giant hole in the screen three minutes into the feature).

My clever friend Gareth showed me this comic... a sense of validation ensued...till I realised I was the guy with the beard.


  1. Wonderful! I too am the guy with the beard. Time to use language in an accurate and clear way!!! Other things that also drive me nuts are "disorienTAted" instead of the correct "disoriented" and when people confuse analogies, metaphores and similies. THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT THINGS! Annoying.

  2. So true Lovelock, so true! My other favourite is people saying 'asterix' instead of 'asterisk'. You can't use a tiny bearded viking with a winged helmet as a punctuation mark, people.