Saturday, July 31, 2010

some fun things

At first I was like, "it's time for a fun post not about dead bodies for once in my life, maybe I should write about Jane Austen" until I saw this-

- and got over it. Plus it would go really well with my other favourite two actions figures!

Faith from Buffy
Self-explanatory - and with 'glide action'.
No pun intended with Faith's name, PS. Anyway then I realised that the last two books I read were Rupert Thomson's Book of Revelation (story of a man who gets kidnapped, raped and tortured by a group of women and then attempts to piece his life back together) and Corman McCarthy's Blood Meridian (yep, you guessed it, a story of brutal cowboys who gauge each others' eyes and brains out with broken whiskey bottles or their bare hands). Moral is, I don't have much to talk about except dead bodies these days.

The other reasonably exciting thing I remembered this morning watching Dexter was that I took this photo at my friend's beach house kitchen:

real knives.

Totes looks exactly like Dexter's knife case! Now that I feel kinda disturbed that I got excited about finding knives that resembled a serial killers, I'm over and out. I just found a musty and leatherbound copy of Agatha Christie's Nemesis and hope to Miss Marple it up later this afternoon. Hopefully this will soon give more of a female flavour to the masculine/blood/corpse-infused haze that seems to have settled over this blog. Bye!


  1. Hilarious Jules, you have such a lovely turn of god Elanna's knife collection looks incredible. Have you seen the Australian film 'The Book of Revelation'? It's got Tom Long in's pretty intense but it raises some interesting questions about gender and the vulnerability of the body.

  2. I haven't seen the film yet! I really want to though. The book was really ineteresting in terms of gendered power dynamics, and the different ways power can be employed while all resulting in similar consequences. I'd love to chat to you about the film once I've seen it though.

  3. The film is pretty confronting, I should probably read the book too. Would love to chat about it though. Hopefully see you soon!