Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So because watching so much TV lately has totally sucked the will to live from my brain and also made me feel totes crap about myself (THAT’S RIGHT, the difference between Jtul and a Stanford student is that they don’t binge out on supermarket  apple crumbles and watch whole seasons of bad CWB tv shows in one sitting) I am taking a month off watching ANYTHING. Admittedly I forgot this the last few nights and made my way through 2 eps of the BBC Pride and Prej. But who can feel guilty about breaking a TV ban when Darcy is there to glare and saunter around looking arrogant and amaaazing!

The supernaturalz are hitched.
Moral is I’ve been trying to procrastinate all day by blogging but have NOTHING TO SAY. Which is lame coz I’ve been reading my butt off in lieu of TV binging so I should have something literary to say about all that but I can’t because all my literature magic got used up today writing bad paragraphs about the narcissism of American culture in 1980s Knoxville.

The. Best. So hardcore in leather jckt! 
So whatevs – I could default and write about the Supernatural boys but I think that’s bad for a number of reasons including a) its not good to obsess over famous married people but more importantly b) as if they truly compare to Rupert Giles from BTVS. (That’s right folks, MR FLIPPIN GILES, the baddest librarian of all time who also turned out to be an unlikely father figure, a likely magic rehab sponsor, a gay rights advocate and evil-fighting fiend. It’s interesting to note his development over the 7 seasons of the Buff, from Englishy-stuttery guy in S1, to turtle-necked-slightly-cooler-has-gf-and-plays-acoustic phase, through to over all cool-magicky-returned-prodigal-father type deal at the end of s6. Didn’t we all get goosebumps when that happened?)

What I look like now. Almost.
And tell you what now my regrowth has been showing for way more than a year I’m looking more and more like Amber Benson aka Tara from Buffy every day. Which isn’t such a bad thing considering her amazing duet with Giles in Once More With Feeling, listen to it here, couldn’t find the clip! Most days I think Tara should’ve gone straight and had babies with Giles. But of course that would muck up a buttload of plotline up so I never wrote in about it. (BESIDES Amber is an AUTHOR NOW so we're bascially twins.)

Also, If anybody cares I’m on day 2 of this caffeine-free meat-free alcohol-free fast and my head feels like Giles just took it with a library book AND a cross bow so yeah, less coherent today than usual. So on top of being tv-less I also have the withdrawal symptoms from helaware AND have nothing but a carrot to eat (literally: my organic fruit and veg box didn’t get delivered though I have been going stir crazy waiting at HOME ALL DAY.)

SO THAT’S RIGHT: GIVE ME SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT WORLD. My head hurts but on the plus side my brother sent me a Dexter bobble head all the way from Australia so sometime the universe just sends it all back to you Oprah Style. (you know I don’t really believe that Oprah crap btw. But I do love how she asks every single interviewee if they’d made peace with God, including JK Rowling and Cormac McCarthy). Cereally, who can focus on their lit thesis when they could be writing about totally awesome supporting roles such as Rupert Giles from Buffy and can’t even have a cup of coffee? Now watch the clip and think of me!!! Apart from the whole dying and coming back to life thing of course!

PS. I really am a happy person :) I just wanted to write about Buffy but without coffee iz hard :(

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  1. I don't even like Buffy and I love this post. You are amazing.