Sunday, January 30, 2011

what the world gave back

So my last post WORKED. ie, the world heard my cries and responded by getting all my friends and family to send totally awesome amazing stuff in the post. Check out the following, which arrived during the VERY WEEK after I sent the universe a youtube clip of Buffy whinging. I recommend trying it at home!

Batman singlet.
boutique dark knight.

massive james dean.
Even massiver JA.

ROBOT necklace. JaydusBoBaydus has one the same but in reverse colours. Aww.

A surprise gift from a friend! the second in lewis' scifi trilogy. ahhsome.

Uma, Wayne, Mariah and Cormac. Does life get better. All in a package from my Dad.

Some gifts which arrived a bit earlier for xmas, but were so awesome I needed to put them up!
beautiful melbourne notebook - Another suprise gift from a gf in Oz. BEST!

Mum saw this and "thought of me." Do I have the best mum or what!

Dexter Bobble from my Bro.

Not to mention all the letters, emails, skype calls and love that the rest of my family and friends have sent. Feeling lots of Aussie love in Edinburgh right now - HEARTS RIGHT BACK AT YOU!!!

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